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Hello and welcome to Cake for Corvids the home of British designer, maker and illustrator Tara Shaw who's based in the heart of Bedfordshire. Tara's work is heavily influenced by the natural world, the wonderful flora and fauna that live in it and the natural history that goes with it.


Despite having studied Fashion and Art and Design at school, college and university, Tara has worked in the zoological industry for several years specializing in birds- everything from corvids, birds of prey to parrots. Birds play a huge role in Cake for Corvids (can you tell?) and the name itself is drawn from a box marked 'cake for corvids' which held left over cake crumbs to treat a pair of ravens she used to care for!


The jewellery Tara makes is one-of-a-kind and of a high quality, whilst still being affordable for everyone. Every piece is slightly different, making each piece very personal and unique to its owner. She also loves to take on custom orders and she prides herself on making someones vision a reality.


Cake for Corvids had humble beginnings at the end of 2015; starting out as a hobby in the late evenings in front of the telly after a busy day on the zoo, to growing into a busy little business working from her home studio (she has a desk now and everything!)


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